Prague’s brides advices or wedding photographer in Prague recommendations

Interesting and helpful advices for brides from photographer in Prague

Dear brides or bride to be, this article was created special for you. Being a bride is very exiting and nervous experience, being a bride abroad is a exiting and nervous experience in double way. In this article according to our many years experience as a photographer in Prague you can find some tips and advices that will help you with your photo shooting in Prague and do not worry about anything. Following advices will help you to make your wedding day and your wedding or pre-wedding photo shooting in Prague more perfect and make you feel confident and relaxed.

Make a schedule of your wedding day, and even if you come to Prague for only a wedding or pre-wedding photo shooting without wedding ceremony, just make sure you have planned your day carefuly. Try to discuss all the details with your photographer: the route, the duration of your photo shooting, wich transport will be used, a lunch break etc. Also it is important to discuss your schedule with other professionals: make-up artist, hairdressed, floristic company etc.

  1. For your preparation photo shooting it is very important to book a hotel with very spacious and light room with early check in. Chose a hotel that is not far away from the place of the ceremony or starting point of your photo shooting. Prepare and clean up your room, remove all unnecessary things.
  2. In additional to the necessary attributes of the wedding (shoes, rings, bridal bouquet etc.) please do not forget to prepare those things that definitely should be in your wedding album. Each couple has their own unique wishes and unique memorabilia, such as: first letters, book of memories, invitation cards etc. And make sure you have payed your photographers attention on them.
  3. The beauty of your photos depends on your appearance and style as well as from your photographer, please do not try to save money on these things if you really want to get amazing photos. And remember, a classic photo shooting style is always the best option. Fashion goes and photos remain for life. There for it is very important to think about all the details in your style, may be you will pick the certain colour of your wedding or think in advance about the bride’s bouquet. And don’t forget to trust your photo shooting to really professional photographer.
  4. All brides definitely recommended to take with them a matting powder, oily skin looks not really attractive on photos. We also recommend to take a lipstick or your favourite lip gloss.
  5. The entire historic center of Prague is covered with strong masonry and stone blocks so it is strongly recommended to take with another pair of comfortable shoes. So it will be much easier and faster to move us from one location to another and protect your legs from getting tired so much and that will definitely help us to save a wonderful and romantic mood.
  6. All organisation moments of your wedding day or your photo shooting day are recommended to give to your friend or wedding coordinator, just relax and enjoy your day.
  7. And do not forget that the groom is also one of the most important components of your wedding and pre-wedding photography. Therefore, there is no shame if your groom will take care about his hands and face before the photo shooting day and will use services of nail master and make-up artist. Believe us, neat hands as well as smooth complexion look much nicer on the photos than the "shabby" fingers and irritation or spots on the face. You must be a harmonious couple on your photos.
  8. Most importantly - do not forget to have breakfast. This is perhaps the biggest mistake of all brides. Emotions are overwhelmed and feeling of hunger is not effect you but by the middle of the day in the process of photo shooting or, for example, after class of champagne your empty stomach can remind your about your hunger in a bad way. Therefore, think in advance about your light breakfast.