The best time to visit Prague - Czech Republic

Information and advices about the best time to visit Prague from the local photographer.

Agree that when we are planing our trip somewhere we really want not only the flight, hotel, service, food, impressions to be good but also weather. Much depends from weather - who wants to walk all the days under the rain? Or walking through the city under the hot sun? We underestimate the natural factors that can significantly affect our travel experience.

There is a mild climate in Prague and Czech Republic in general but nevertheless, when it's -5 your feet are going crazy from cold. Because due to high humidity any temperature below zero makes the weather really freezing. And for example in July-August when it’s about +26 in the city there's simply nothing to breathe and even 2-hour walks are hard for enjoying the city.

So when it’s better to go to the Czech Republic - Prague for perfect weather? Our advice is in April - May! Oh, spring! April and May are months in the Czech Republic, generally Prague. Very soft, pleasant sunny weather. A tender breeze blows, fresh and giving a second wind in order to further conquer the unknown Prague! This is the best time to have a bite of the stunning ice-cream, to cool down with a drink, to be saturated with cold, relaxing Czech beer and continue your adventures through the city. This is the best time to relax in the local parks, lazily stretching out on the green grasser even to have your wedding or pre wedding photo shooting in Prague.

By the way, April and May are also the best months according to photographers opinion. The Prague is fool of blossom trees, parks are fool of flowers and romantic atmosphere. You will see so many delicious floral compositions! All the castles of the country will open their doors to you - in fact, since April the summer tourist season in Czech Republic officially begins. You can enjoy the wonderful spring Cesky Krumlov, stroll through Karlovy Vary and drink healing water from local sources, go to Karlstein and take a stroll through the woods around, visit the castle Hluboka nad Vltavou and go crazy with the beauty of the white neo-gothic facade and the luxurious garden in front of the castle. In May it is worth to visit the area of the Czech Switzerland which will discourage the fascinating views! Every day in Prague take place different festivals, fairs, concerts, exhibitions in April - May and this is definitely the best time for your holiday in the Czech Republic!