Wedding photographer in Prague - How to choose?

Useful tips for choosing a perfect wedding photographer in Prague

When the bride and groom are planning their future wedding, they want everything to be perfect. Especially photographs. After all, photos and videos - this is the only thing that will remain in their family for many years as a memory of the brightest day.

But how in the modern world with a lot of advertising, a variety of services and an increasing number of professionals in the wedding industry, to choose the very specialist who will help make your holiday truly unique and unique, will not let you down during the wedding and will be pleased with the excellent result after you give the finished photos?

Here are a few points that you should pay attention to and the choice of a wedding photographer will not be a problem, but a conscious step that will bring only positive emotions.

Style and quality of shooting

This seems obvious, but not everyone understands that before agreeing with the photographer, you need to see examples of his work. And do not just look, but decide that his style of shooting and processing you are completely satisfied, and you want that the photos from your wedding would look exactly the same. Some newlyweds send pictures to the photographer that they like and are asked to do exactly the same at their wedding.

The presence of a wedding portfolio

It is very important that your future photographer should have not just a portfolio consisting of portraits of children, a domestic cat and beautiful girls, but examples of photos from weddings. A wedding photo shoot is a separate genre and, if the photographer takes portraits or corporate parties well, this does not mean that he is as good at coping with the wedding. Wedding - a lot of different directions of photography, collected in one shot, the knowledge of wedding traditions and the subtleties of the ceremony in the registry office. Please note that the portfolio should not be one or two weddings. And, if it consists only of photographs of girls in white dresses - this should also alert. Most likely, you see just the familiar photographer, whom he asked to pose for shooting, not real brides.

Full wedding photography

Usually only the best photos are posted in the portfolio. Often in novices there are situations when those 2-3 photos from the wedding that they have laid out - the only decent from the whole shooting. Therefore, do not evaluate the level of the photographer only for the few dozen photos that are on his site or group on the social network. Before signing a contract, be sure to ask the wedding photographer to show you at least one full wedding story. So you make sure that you get not a dozen good frames against the backdrop of a thousand unsuccessful takes, but a full-fledged photo story, sustained in a single style.

Attention to details

Newlyweds are preparing for the wedding for several months, with love and attention pick up accessories and outfits, decor elements, decorations for the hall, flowers, order beautiful cards on tables ... All these details must be reflected in your wedding photos. A good wedding photographer will not ignore the groom's buttonhole, decorations in the banquet hall, or embroidery on the bride's dress, nor many other details that create a complete picture and atmosphere of the wedding day.


Often you can meet photographers who make static shots: here is the bride, but the groom is sitting, they are looking at the camera, but they are kissing. If you want really great wedding photos, look for a photographer who knows how to convey emotions. In his photographs, the newlyweds do not just look at the camera, they laugh and hug, sincerely anticipate the beginning of a new life, with tenderness and love enjoy the holiday and each other. And, of course, a good photographer will leave in memory of this day not only the photos of the bride and groom, but also all the guests. And not just an official photo from the registry office, where everyone is standing on the stairs with lean faces and someone has blinked, but vibrant and vivid emotions, congratulations, strong hugs and tears of joy.


Beware of masters who are too grieved by the adornment of photos with different computer effects. Often - this is just a way to hide the technical imperfection of your pictures. Remember that the rays of light finished in the editor, falling on the young, frames, processing for comics and other "brides on the palm" very quickly go out of fashion, and in five years your wedding photos will look ridiculous. Only classic is eternal - look at the most famous wedding photographers in the world, you will not find a single frame where the bride and groom glance at the door and see themselves there, but kissing, and pigeons are flying around ...


But the photographer for the wedding is not only a thousand photographs that you will receive after the festive fuss. This is also the person with whom you will spend side by side the whole wedding day, which will communicate with you and your guests. Therefore, it is very important that you be comfortable and easy with this person. Pay attention to the appearance of the photographer: long ago those greasy bearded men in smoky sweaters, which since a decade ago frightened their appearance of impressionable brides, had sunk into oblivion. The modern photographer is decently dressed, pleasantly and competently builds his speech, can clearly explain what each participant should do at one time or another, can laugh or, conversely, adjust to a serious mood.

The contract

And, of course, every professional in the wedding industry will definitely issue a contract with the newlyweds for their services, in which the date of shooting, the number of hours, the cost of services, what and in what period the client will receive is clearly and clearly indicated.


And finally I would like to say a few words about pricing in the photography market. Do not choose a wedding photographer based only on its value. We all know that a really cool product can not be cheap. There is always someone who will take off cheaper if you want to find just such an artist (up to a completely free shooting). But are you brave to trust the memory of the most important holiday in life to such a person? Will you be pleased with the photos you received or will you sigh sorrowfully, realising that you can not change anything already? And certainly the services of a wedding photographer can not be cheaper than a bride's dress.