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Useful tips for choosing a videographer in Prague

Prague is a beautiful and romantic city, one of the most beautiful and popular cities which couples choose for Love Story style photo shoots, pre-wedding photo shooting and even for a overseas wedding ceremony and wedding photo shooting. But not only photos can help you to memories all wonderful moments of your stay in Prague and convey the full range of emotions of such an important event. If wedding photos are saving moments of the one of most important days in your life, video is your dynamic and romantic story of love. This is not only a beautiful picture but also an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of that day and to feel once again your mood and emotions in a dynamic way. A short professional video clip for 3-4 minutes allows us to convey the whole story of your love in front of beautiful Prague as a backdrop.

So what can help you to choose a videographer in Prague?

Each videographer should have a portfolio with examples of work. Be prepared for quite long and detailed researching - it requires much more time from you than a photographer's portfolio research. You will need to look through several videos from the beginning to the end in order to understand what style you are interested in and what type of video will work for you the best.

After reviewing the portfolio it is very important to know more about the working conditions of the specialist: videography services in Prague pricing, duration of the video making, packages and offers, if the videographer will work with an assistant or not, the ability to travel to other cities or countries, current promotions (for example - special conditions for love-story when ordering a full wedding day) etc.

Before signing the contract, make sure that it contains the terms and the deadlines for the material, the quality of the video, the total cost of the work. If you plan to order a pre-wedding video, make sure that you receive the material before the wedding so that you can show it to guests at the banquet.

Still not sure about the process of choosing a videographer? Here are some useful tips from the professional photographer in Prague that can help you more.

Тips for choosing a videographer in Prague:

  • Make sure the style of videographer is suitable for your wedding or pre-wedding photo shooting style.
  • Listen to some recommendations from your photographer according his/her experience in working with different videographers. Well-coordinated team - the key to excellent results!
  • Make sure that a videographer has a great experience in such type of video shooting you are interested in. Planning a wedding day? Ask a videographer to show you full wedding day video clips. Planning a pre-wedding photo shooting in Prague and need a pre-wedding video story as well? Ask a videographer to show you several pre-wedding video stories in Prague.
  • Do not choose the videographer only focusing on a low price. As a result you are risking to get a video that you don’t want to watch at all. In this case even small expenses are unjustified.

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