Pre-Wedding photo shooting In Prague - What you should know

Useful advices about your planning pre-wedding photo shooting in Prague

Nowdays, more and more tourists choose Prague as their main and important place for having a pre-wedding photo shoot. Of course it's very obvious! Prague is a perfect city full of scenery backgrounds for your shooting. I guess almost all brides of the world dream about having some shots from the Charles Bridge with sunrising sun or Prague Castle at sunset. So let your dreams come true!

Best time for your Pre-Wedding photo shooting in Prague

Pre-wedding photography is my favorite type of shooting in Prague. Firstly, it gives me a unique opportunity to meet and spend time with couples from around the world. Secondly, the special time of the day allows me to create unique and adorable frames for my clients. Why special? Let's figure it out!

When you are going to have your pre-wedding shooting in Prague, you will be surprised how easy and comfortable everything can be planned.

Unlike wedding photography, pre-wedding photoshoot will allow us to use much more resources and opportunities! We are absolutely not limited by time, the groom and the bride think only of one thing - a beautiful photo session in the magical city of Prague and finally our amazing result. They do not need to rush, think about guests, "cherish" the dress until evening. The couple can completely relax and trust the photographer, plunge into the mood of the city, be open to experiments and feel relaxed.

Very flexable schedule of photo shooting

Also, unlike wedding photography, pre-wedding shooting is very different in terms of schedule and timing of the photo session. The photographer selects the most advantageous time and places for the most beautiful photos for you. Therefore, the shooting begins very early, almost at night. Thus, we get a unique opportunity to make shots in an empty city, and not wait in line for the brides near each sight. Prague at dawn is just magical! And the city opens for you, as in the palm of your hand without a crowd of tourists and the sun just begins to gently warm the streets. Excellent results we back with your emotions, feelings and mood!

The best duration for pre-wedding shooting is 8 hours. We take about 3-4 hours for the morning shoot and use the second half of the time for parks, castles and a bit of evening shooting. Thus, we can almost completely reveal the mood of the city and your emotions. You need to start shooting very early, when the entire city is asleep and the streets are empty. We meet at the starting point of our route and from here we start shooting.

Relaxed atmosphere and availability to take some breaks for coffee and chat

After the first part, we definitely take breaks for coffee and lunch in a relaxed atmosphere, during which we can just chat and I will tell you various facts about Prague, I'll show you where to go, what to taste from the local cuisine and other interesting tips. We also take breaks to change the style - for this couple usually returns to the hotel, the master will make you fresh makeup and hairdo, you will relax a little and we again meet for the next part of the shooting.

But still, I prefer to work with each couple individually, contact me and we will discuss the schedule, route, duration, number of styles and just your preferences.