Pre-Wedding photo shooting in Hallstatt

And some tips from our photographer

Hallstatt is an attraction in itself. Fantastically beautiful place with wonderful nature and pretty houses, which is a bit crowded with tourists. And it becomes very obvious why this town is so popular for tourists, especially for the photographers.

Hallstatt - A paradise for romantic people

Couple in a wedding dress on Hallstat

Hallstatt is a small charming town in Western Austria. Located in a picturesque area on the west coast of the lake Hallstatter See, surrounded by the Alps. Hallstatt is actually a tiny village lost among mountains and forests. There are beautiful gingerbread houses that are reflected in the clear water of a mountain lake, narrow streets, several small old churches and fantastic natural landscapes. It is believed that Hallstatt is the cutest lakeside village on the planet.

Recommendations for pre-wedding photo shoot in Hallstatt

Couple portrait on Hallstatt lake

Planning a pre-wedding photo shooting in Hallstatt is a really great idea. Any spot in this town can be an amazing backdrop for your photos. The town is really small and comfortable for walking. So make sure you will have a comfortable shoes. Considering on an amount of tourist who are visiting Hallstatt each day, it’s better to have an early morning session and some times - evening session on sunset, or even both evening and morning session. Optimal duration of the photo shooting in Hallstatt is 5-6 hours.

View to Hallstatt

Hallstatt is an absolutely amazing alpine town, an open-air museum. Time has stopped here. Come and experience the rich history of this ancient town, its natural beauty and grandeur.

View to Hallstatt

Prices for Pre-Wedding photo shoot in Hallstatt, Austria

Basic Package

pre-wedding photo shooting in Hallstatt
  • 4 hours of photo shooting
  • 40 retouched photos
  • Morning photo shoot*

Golden Package

pre-wedding photo shooting in Hallstatt
  • 6 hours of photo shooting
  • 60 retouched photos
  • 5 first photos during next 5 days
  • Morning and evening photo shoot*

Exclusive Package

pre-wedding photo shooting in Hallstatt
  • 8 hours of photo shooting
  • 80 retouched photos
  • 10 first photos during next 5 days
  • Morning and evening photo shoot*

Additional information:

  • Accommodation & Transport Fees are included for photographer;
  • Please note, that you can add/remove an additional options to any package;