Pre-Wedding photo shoot in Český Krumlov (CK)

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The Czech Republic is not only Prague. Český Krumlov attracts lovers of romance and beauty from all over the world. Its small houses with red tiles, narrow cobbled streets, smooth outlines of baroque towers and the royal castle proudly towering over the city create a surprisingly fabulous and cozy mood. The historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Český Krumlov Castle is considered the second largest castle of the Czech Republic after Prague Castle. More than 80% of urban buildings are historical and cultural monuments.

Unique romantic atmosphere of Český Krumlov

Bride portrait in Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is extraordinarily elegant and picturesque. This amazing little town is in a great demand for a pre-wedding photo shoot or a Love Story style photo shoot with a professional photographer. And this fact is obvious - the pictures from the photo shoot convey the unique romantic atmosphere of Český Krumlov. Cozy little streets easily will help to hide from the crowd of tourists and also will help to create an intimate atmosphere for a couple during the shooting with a photographer.

Recommendations for pre-wedding photo shoot in Český Krumlov

Bride portrait in Cesky Krumlov

Given the fact that the city is very small but popular, every day it is visited by a very large amount of tourists from all over the world, which entails huge crowds of people in the city. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start a photo shooting early in the morning while the streets are empty. The optimal duration of a pre-wedding photo shoot in Český Krumlov is 4-6 hours, this time will allow us to take beautiful pictures in the most picturesque places of the city using the best time according the sunlight.

Hluboká Castle - perfect backdrop for pre-wedding photos

Bride portrait in Hluboká Castle

Another magnificent place you definitely will be happy to visit is Hluboká Castle. It located an hour from Český Krumlov, which allows you to shoot in two beautiful places in the Czech Republic in one day. Many tourists come to the south of the Czech Republic only for visiting the Hluboká Castle. You will surely fall in love with it. As soon as you enter the territory of the castle park, it will seem to you that you have fallen into a fairy tale. The incredible beauty of the snow-white castle will give you the perfect backdrop for your amazing pre-wedding photos.

Prices for Pre-Wedding photo shoot in Český Krumlov and Hluboká Castle

CK Package

pre-wedding photo shooting in Český Krumlov
  • 6 hours of photo shooting
  • 60 retouched photos
  • 1 make-up
  • 1 hairstyle

Hluboká Package

pre-wedding photo shooting in Hluboká Castle
  • 3 hours of photo shooting
  • 30 retouched photos
  • 1 make-up
  • 1 hairstyle

CK & Hluboká Package

pre-wedding photo shooting in CK & Hluboká
  • 6 hours of photo shooting in CK
  • 3 hours of photo shooting in Hluboká
  • 90 retouched photos
  • 2 make-ups
  • 2 hairstyles

Additional information:

  • Accommodation & Transport Fees are included for photographer, assistant and MUAH Artist;
  • Please note, that you can add/remove an additional options to any package;
  • Photo shooting in Český Krumlov can be splitted to evening and morning photo session.