Photo shooting in Prague under the rain - no worries!

As a photographer I can proof that rain will not make your photo shooting in Prague worse.

Photographer tells about the photo shooting under the rain

Almost every couple is asking me about photo shooting under the rain. I know that people are thinking about the result and process and have no idea how it can be in a good way.

No worries! I will try to proof you that the pre-wedding photo shooting under the rain is beautiful and interesting!

As a photographer in Prague - a city where rains are frequent, I can say with certainty that rain is not a barrier for your photo shooting , but some kind of decoration of your day. The resulting images can be unusually romantic, mysterious and very tender. Or even bright and imaginative - depending on the selected accessories and details. Moreover, cloudy and rainy weather is more comfortable for getting the highest quality photos due to smooth lighting.

  • The optimal time for a photo shoot in the rain is noon or evening hours. Dark thunderclouds will add drama to the shots, and the bride against their background will look particularly tender. Work with lighting equipment will allow you to get those frozen in the air rain droplets, textured clouds and blurry city lights.
  • Interesting accessories for a photo shoot in the rain can be an umbrella, raincoat and rubber boots. The umbrella can be transparent to avoid distraction or any colour you want.
  • In rainy weather it usually gets colder, and many brides do not miss the opportunity to look fabulous putting on a beautiful snow-white coat, a fur coat or a pelerine.
  • Wedding dress can be treated with moisture and dirt-repellent, and poke or hold with your hands during the walk. It's great if you looked at the weather forecast in advance and can tell the stylist that you need a waterproof make-up. But in the autumn period it is better not to risk and immediately apply it. In addition, ask to put on the face a makeup fixer, a special spray.
  • Not overcome the rain can be only one wedding hairstyle - loose curls. But hairdo based on braids, bundles and bundles will withstand any bad weather. Also you can put on a beautiful veil for decorating the image and additional protection for the hairstyle.

But the main idea is that neither snow nor rain nor cold can spoil the day of your pre-wedding photo shooting in Prague! Have fun, enjoy, relax, gently press against each other, as if you are searching for a protection from the rainy weather. A good photographer will capture every moment as good as it is possible and believe me it’s not your problem. Enjoy each other and your day!