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Casual photo shooting in Prague

Q&A from our photographer

Over 7 million people visit Prague each year to spend their vacation, honeymoon, celebrate a wedding day or just take a special pre-wedding photo shooting. The most part of tourists are usually interested in photographer services.

Based on the amount of photographers providing their services in Prague It’s not an easy task to select and find your own photographer. If you are still looking for your own our article "How to find your perfect local photographer in Prague?" will be really helpful for you.

When the part of researching is done - second part of arranging your photo shooting begins. Especially for people who decided to use photographer services for the first time.

We decided to make this arranging part a little bit easier for you to avoid a lot of misunderstanding between the photographer and our future clients and to dispel your doubts about some facts that usually scary people before they finally book a photographer. In this article you will find Q&A on most common topics according your casual photo shooting in Prague.

Questions & Answers about casual photo shooting in Prague

What time of day would be best for our photo shooting?

The best time to begin is 7:00 a.m. in summer season and 8:00 a.m. in winter season. This time is the best for the photo shooting because of the light and almost empty streets.

Will you help us with posing during the photo shooting?

Yes, photographer will definitely help you with posing and suggest which pose to take, where to look and how to act. Also photographer always tries to have a relaxed conversation during the photo shooting process so you will not be feeling constrained.

Do you have any recommendation according our outfit for the photo shooting?

The most important point in your outfit is feeling yourself comfortable and confident. Also it is very important to have comfortable shoes and good mood.

Do you have any recommendation according the accessories for the photo shooting?

If you have any ideas about interesting accessories to use or need some advice, feel free to discuss it before the photo shooting. All people are different and have their unique styles. We can transform it to an interesting and special love story from Prague.

Is it possible for us to change our clothes during the photo shooting?

Yes, usually photographer and clients have some coffee break in the middle of the photo shooting. This time can be also used to change your outfit to another one.

Do you have any plan “B” or recommendations in case of raining?

We have a special article about such circumstances as a rain during your photo shooting: “Photo shooting in Prague under the rain”.

Would you select the places the pictures are taken on?

Usually photographer suggest the regular schedule and route for casual photo shooting. But If you can your own ideas, wishes or need more time/places – feel free to discuss it before the photo shooting. You can also read this article about 10 amazing places for your photo shooting in Prague.

In how many location can we shoot? What are landmarks we will cover during the photo shoot? Should we be staying in just 1 scenery?

No, the will be more than 1 scenery. Casual photo shooting route includes next landmarks: Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Streets, Crusaders square, Charles Bridge, Kampa Island, Riversides from the both sides of the Bridge, Mala Strana, Prague Castle area.

How will be arranged a transportation from one landmark to another one?

Prague is quite small and the route of photo shooting planned in a good comfortable way so all landmarks can be reached by feet easily and fast.

If we want a save the date video, how much should we add to the package?

It is possible to book videographer services in Prague, the price depends on the duration of video and videographers work. Price starts from 240 euro. Feel free to discuss it before the photo shooting.

If I want to propose, would it be possible to arrange a proposal/engagement photo shooting?

Yes, but all the details should be discussed with the photographer. It makes the photographer be prepared and you will get a good quality photos from such an amazing and romantic moment of your life.

What scenery/location would you recommend for proposing moment?

Usually clients select the Riverside with Charles Bridge scenery. But there are 3 more places that can be recommended for you. Please feel free to discuss it before the photo shooting.

When should I book the date?

As soon as you will be sure about your trip to Prague dates. Sometimes it can be possible that the date you are interested in is not available.

How can I book the date?

It is necessary to cover the 50% deposit to book your date. Deposit can be payed by any Debit/Credit card, PayPal account or regular bank transfer.

What’s the process with regards to the remaining amount of the payment?

The rest of the payment should be provided to the photographer after the photo shooting. It can be payed in Euro, Czech Crowns, US dollars.

Do you have any solo traveler portrait service?

Yes, definitely. Here you can find some examples of personal photo shooting in Prague.

May I know is there any hidden cost?

There is no hidden cost in casual photo shooting price. The only exception is an entrance photo shooting fee to the Vrtba garden.

In what way my photos will be edited?

You will receive retouched photos in full quality in JPG format. You can also read our article about photo retouching to clarify the details of post processing work: What is the colour corrected photos and retouched photos?

How would we receive our pictures once edited?

You will receive direct link for download your retouched photos without any quality loss.

How many edited final photos will you give?

It depends on the duration of the photo shooting. If you are going to book regular 3 hours casual photo shooting, you will receive 40 retouched photos.

How long do you need to give us the final edited photos?

It depends on the season. In high season it will take more time because of the photographers schedule. Usually from 30 up to 60 days.

Is it possible to get edited photos faster?

Yes, It is possible to order an express retouch in 7-10 days for an additional fee.

How much do you charge if I need more edited pictures?

If you need an additional retouched photos, we will charge 3 euro for each additional photo.

Can I get the RAW images?

You can get all images without any processing. Please read more about RAW files and photos without retouch in our article. Also you can select the photos for the retouch by yourself.

Will my photos be published on the Internet?

All photos can be published in our portfolio on the website or on social networks. If you do not want this please warn us in advance and we will discuss it before the booking.