10 interesting facts about Prague

Prague is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. It is a fact that every third young couple who once visited the capital of the Czech Republic, comes back here to celebrate the wedding or have a pre-wedding photo shooting. So if you are going to visit Prague let some interesting facts about this city fill the journey with unforgettable emotions.

1. City of towers

City of towers

Prague is called the city of towers and travelers will be able to see it for themselves. Among other sights of Prague, according to estimates of extras on its territory, there are about a thousand towers, including water towers and superstructures above private houses. Each of the towers has its own fascinating history of interest to both children and adults. Moreover, Prague has its own Eiffel Tower, so walking through this ancient and very beautiful city you can even see a piece of Paris.

2. House of Faust

House of Faust in Prague

Amazing place included in the excursion program around Prague, according to legend, the warlock named Faust lived there. The history of this scientist is full of secrets and mysteries, but only the most famous of them, namely the one where he made a deal with the devil and in exchange for an immortal soul received not only wealth but also knowledge, has reached our days. It is interesting that when the term of the transaction, and accordingly the life of Faust came to an end, the devil carried his body through the ceiling and roof. The strength was such that a through hole remained in the room, which for a long time for some reason or other could not be repaired by the builders.

3. Quotes from the statues

Quotes from the statues

Not far from the brick factory Herget tourists can see two unusual statues. We are talking about two peeing men who perform the role of fountains and, if not strange, stenographers. If you take a closer look, the jets that spew out the statues do not flow out just like that but write out letter by letter famous quotes of great people. This process is controlled by a special computer, and if you wish, for a certain fee, tourists can order a phrase at will, for example, to congratulate a friend on his birthday or to confess his love to a loved one. Agree, this is the most unusual interesting fact about Prague.

4. The house that is dancing!

The house that is dancing!

This Prague landmark is impossible not to notice, as it is a house of incredible shape, which seems to be about to collapse. The miracle of architectural thought consists of two towers, one of which looks normal, and the second is built in the style of deconstructionism. As conceived by the builders, these two towers personify a dancing couple, in which one tower leads, and the second bends, for which they received the name "Dancing House".

5. St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

One of the most unusual buildings, the construction of which took more than 500 years! As a result, the cathedral became the embodiment of the idea of ​​builders with different mentalities and visions, which was reflected in the appearance of the temple, which has architectural styles from different eras. Some say that the building has become awkward, while the Czechs themselves find it original and original.

Well, the highest point of St. Vitus Cathedral - the tower-bell tower - is also the highest building in the city. To enjoy all the beauty of the Czech capital from a bird's eye view, be prepared to overcome three hundred stone steps.

6. Interesting law

Interesting law

This law will please anyone who understands what the preservation of historical heritage and the inculcation of values. For example, how do you like the law prohibiting the installation of satellite dishes on facades and roofs of buildings? How do you like the fact that it is forbidden to install metal-plastic windows instead of classical wooden windows in Prague? Such care about the city helped to achieve an amazing single style of buildings, which undoubtedly attracts tourists and pleases the local population.

7. Hug the building and surprise your friends!

Hug the building and surprise your friends!

"What a nonsense!" - Do you say? Exactly! In Prague, you can see a surprisingly small house, which is quite possible to hug. Well, if you do not hug, then, spreading his arms, reach from one edge to another. The house is located on the street Anezhskaya, it is sandwiched between ordinary buildings and has a width of only two meters and twenty-five centimeters! It is surprising that at the beginning of the twentieth century there was a famous brothel here. Another building that is one meter larger than Anezhsky is the Clementine Hotel. You are obliged to see him too, so go ahead - let your vacation photos in Prague surprise your friends!

8. Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall in Prague

Anyway, every tourist comes to the foot of the town hall, and if he randomly gapes and passes by, his attention will be attracted by the battle of the astronomical chimes. Moreover, in addition to the melody, which counts time every hour, the figures of the apostles mounted on the town hall move in time to its loud sound, which is an unforgettable sight.

9. Castle in the book of records

Castle in the book of records

Prague has repeatedly hit the Guinness Book of Records, and one of its achievements concerns the castle! Of course, there are many castles in the Czech Republic, but in Prague, you can visit the largest castle in the world! This is about Prague Castle, and this residence of the President is really worth seeing. The majestic building is 570 meters long and 130 meters wide! It may take 40-60 minutes to walk around it only!

10. Favorite place for taking a pre-wedding photo shooting

Favorite place for taking a pre-wedding photo shooting

That's right! Couples all over the world come to Prague to take their pre-wedding pictures right before the wedding. This city becomes the most popular place to having a photo shooting in the last three years. And it's easy to understand – Prague is a very beautiful city with its amazing scenes and castles, parks, narrow streets, and squares. Also, Prague is a favorite place for photographers all over the world.

10 interesting facts about Prague

Prague is a city of contrasts, both mysterious and friendly, medieval and modern. It is nice to wander through the narrow streets, stumbling on the pavement and just sit in a cafe with a cup of coffee or a glass of Czech beer. This is a place for those who are in search of an intellectual and relaxing holiday and appreciate bright emotions. Prague is good all year long.